Conference Presentations

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Keynote Speaker – Roger BeachyExecutive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Global Institute for Food Security

Transgenic Papaya Story:  Still a Public Sector Anomaly? – Dennis Gonsalves,Center Director, USDA Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center

Benefits of Biotech Specialty Crops: The Need For A New Path Forward – Tony SheltonProfessor, Dept. of Entomology, Cornell University

Potential Concerns of Different Stakeholders to Genetically Engineered Specialty Crops – Gregory JaffeDirector, Biotechnology Project, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Orange Juice – Will it be Available to Drink in the Future? (Agriculturally or Commercially) – Rick KressPresident, Southern Gardens

Biotech and Apples – Why they Fit – Neal CarterPresident/Founder, Okanagan Specialty Fruits

Regulation of Plant-Incorporated Protectants by the US Environmental Protection Agency – Chris WozniakBiotechnology Special Assistant, US Environmental Protection Agency

Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of USDA’s Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology – Dave HeronAssistant Director, USDA/APHIS BRS Policy Coordination Programs

Ensuring Food and Feed Safety: U.S. Food Law and FDA’s Biotechnology Consultation Process – Robert MerkerSupervisory Consumer Safety Officer, FDA/Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition

Canadian Regulatory Process for Plants With Novel Traits – Patricia McAllisterActing National Manager, Plant Biosafety Office, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Getting to Yes: How to Achieve Pre-Market Approval – Scott ThenellOwner and Principal Consultant, Thenell & Associates LLC

Intellectual Property For Crop Transformation: A Continuing Saga For Agricultural Innovation In The Public Sector – Alan BennettExecutive Director, PIPRA; Professor of Plant Science, University of California, Davis

The “Stacked” Pipeline of Biotech Specialty Crops and Regulatory/Market Barriers – Thomas RedickGlobal Environmental Ethics Counsel (GEEC), Clayton, MO

SWOT Analysis of the Texas Vegetable & Fruit Industry – Bill McCutchenExecutive Associate Director, Texas A&M AgriLife Research

GE Specialty Crops Need Regulatory Assistance – Alan McHughenCE Biotechnology Specialist & Geneticist, University of California

Transforming Modern Agriculture Through Synthetic Genomics Technologies – Jim FlattChief Technology Officer, Synthetic Genomics

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